We love Twitch. We love the cooking community on Twitch. We love finding and supporting other cooking streamers!

But finding all the streamers who cook on Twitch can be difficult, because we all know Twitch's discoverability... isn't the greatest.

So we decided to do something about it.


Allison and Son are a couple of software engineers who used to have a cooking stream together. These days, we're on YouTube!

We decided to put together belly.io as a quick weekend project to try to help out the cooking community to Twitch.

Because we're both software engineers and couldn't find a comprehensive list of programming streamers, we later decided to add a programming section to belly.io, too!

contact us!

Know of a cooking or programming streamer we don't know about yet? Are you a cooking or programming streamer who should be on this list?

Submit a stream here!

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We own no rights to any of the data shown here. All the data belongs to Twitch, and is accessed using their public APIs.

While sushiday may be a Twitch affiliate... belly.io is in no way officially affiliated with Twitch. We're just a couple of nerds who want to help the cooking commmunity on Twitch the best way we know how.


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